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UPDATE on the Enlarged Two-Truck Shay - 5/18/17

Progress has been made on our special, in-house project - an enlarged version of a PFM Hillcrest Two-truck Shay. In case you've missed updates and pictures displayed through our social media and weekly webcast, the Monday Morning Express, take a minute to look through the gallery below. Here you will see some of the details and features built and designed so far for this masterpiece. In the coming months, our expert designer/builder will be finishing up the details and begin painting. As more progress is made, you can find it here! We hope this whets your appetite to see the finished project at the upcoming 2017 Brass Expo show. Make sure to purchase your tickets so that you don't miss out on this display and many more new features of this year's show!


Want to see a video sneak peek view and some extra details about this project? Take a look at the Behind the Scenes segments featuring updates on the Shay as seen on the following episodes of the Monday Morning Express - a weekly webcast hosted by Brasstrains.com:


(The Behind the Scenes segment of this episode begins at 6:26)


(The Behind the Scenes segment of this episode begins at 6:22)

The complete First Season of the Monday Morning Express is online! Haven't seen our webcast before? Missed some episodes in the season? Want to replay your favorite clips? Click 'Watch Now' to view our Videos page for the Monday Morning Express show!