Museum - 2017

Our main update to the museum this year is the renovation of the center display - we call it "George 2". 


Introducing George 2

At the 2016 Brass Expo, you may have noticed our octagon-shaped center display of the Brass Museum, as pictured above on the left. However, in line with our 2017 Brass Expo motto - Brass just got Bigger - we thought our beloved "George" needed a remodel. Meet George 2! By extending the octagonal center shape out in four strips, we'll be able to elegantly display even more models than last year. Also, due to the newly designed shape, we have the option to create a theme in each of the four strips and blend them all into one display without overshadowing each section of it. We look forward to filling George 2 with many unique and rare pieces at the 2017 Brass Expo!

Walls of Honor

Starting with the 2017 Brass Expo, we will be developing a "Walls of Honor" within the Museum. The walls will contain the names of the many, many individuals who have contributed so much to the development of this wonderful hobby of brass model trains over the years. Each year we will continue to add more and more of the finely laser etched name plates to our walls. We look forward to sharing the names of these wonderful men and women. Please email us at if you have someone in mind you feel is deserving of being included in the Walls of Honor. We may already have those names on our list (we have almost 200 so far!), but if not, go ahead and tell us why you think they should be honored and we just might include them in the 2017 Brass Expo Museum!

Some of the finely crafted detail on the base sides all the way around this centerpiece display. It only seems appropriate that this centerpiece is created with an elegance to enhance the luxurious setting of the models to be displayed inside of it.

George 2 is also being built with the ability to have specially placed spotlights for each section of pieces displayed. With this much controlled lighting, we can properly showcase everything you will see here!

Expanding on last year's George model and keeping with the octagonal shape of the Brass Museum, we have extended four of the sides. This enables us to not only include more models, but to have the option to create separate but blended themes throughout the display.

Check out Episode #4 of the Monday Morning Express webcast hosted by to see a video update of the progress so far on George 2 and the Walls of Honor.

(Behind the Scenes segment for the Museum starts at 19:55 minutes in.)