Museum - 2016

Our hand-built and expertly crafted display Museum!

*Please note the following Museum details are for events that have already occurred. To view the upcoming 2017 Brass Expo Museum details, please click here.*


Construction on our 30' Octagon Style Museum began in early 2015. What started out as a small simple idea, has grown into a beautiful work of art to display some of the finest and rarest brass models ever made. As Phase I of the Museum was introduced, we saw the need to continually improve on this concept. With the 2017 Brass Expo and beyond, the Museum will continue to impress as the next Phases are taken to a whole new level. Stay tuned...


Honoring Brass

Many of the pieces on display in our museum were accompanied by beautiful, handmade acrylic identification signs. Included on these were descriptions of the model, provenances, and interesting extra details. With plenty of delicate lighting, black velvet covered shelving, and even a centerpiece showcasing unique items, these models were definitely in the luxury setting they deserve! Individuals were able to contribute some of their own special models to this display in 2016. Contact us if you would like to offer some of your models to be displayed in the bigger and better Museum at the 2017 Brass Expo.