Floor Plan & Features - 2017

Above is the 2017 Brass Expo Floor Plan diagram. As you can see, there are many vendor tables placed around the ballroom, indicated by the white rectangle shapes and alpha-numeric labels. The BRASSTRAINS.COM booth will remain in the same location as last year's show. If you are a vendor, you can use this plan to locate your desired spot and reserve the table(s) for our 2017 show on our Vendor Tables & Booths page. The sets of booths surrounding curved walls in the center of the floor plan is where the Importers will be stationed. You can also see features from last year included again, such as the Museum and Live Broadcast Studio. However, we have updated these for the 'Brass Just Got BIGGER' theme. You can see a glimpse of this on our 2017 Museum page. Along with this, we have added a special display of an enlarged Shay model built in-house by our very own experience designer/builder. Take a look at our What's New page to read more and see updated pictures of our project!

Some features of the layout include:

  • Carpeting throughout venue
  • Ample space between displays
  • Saranello's Restaurant/Lounge attached to Hotel
  • Over 100 vendor and importer tables to explore, admire, and purchase from
  • Live Broadcast Studio with Video Clinics and plenty of seating
  • Our enlarged version of a PFM Two-Truck Shay model display
  • Museum for rare and unique models, as well as the premiere of our 'Walls of Honor'
  • George 2, our remodeled centerpiece, added to the Museum Display
  • All 6' tables come with table cover and padded chairs


Whether you are attending or exhibiting, we are sure you will appreciate some of the exceptional touches we have developed for the 2017 show. Shown below are just a few of the features you can expect to see, some that we had last year as well. Please keep checking back as we will continue to update and add more images/illustrations of the different areas of the show that will make this one unlike any other. 

Some features of last year's layout we are keeping, others are being renovated!


Don't wait! Reserve your vendor spot at the 2017 Brass Expo before it's gone!


With this incredibly complex and organized layout, how did we do it? A little over 20 employees, one 53' semi, almost 30 hours straight of work, and lots of caffeine! Here's a timelapse video of last year's setup to give you a glimpse...