Clinics - 2016

*Please note the following Clinic events have already occurred. To view the upcoming 2017 Brass Expo Clinic schedule, please click here.*

  • 11:00am - SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Presentation - "The Early Days of Japanese Brass" - by John Glaab

A captivating seminar of the history of brass model train making in Japan. Delving into the mindset and culture of the artisans producing 'one-of' custom models for American GI's in the late 1940's and the transition to the larger production of models for the American market.

Photos of very rare models will be featured along with detailed photos of how these models were produced.


  •  1:00pm - SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Interview - 'The 30 Year Journey' - with Jimmy Booth (Glacier Park Models)

We will discuss Jimmy Booth's first foray into producing brass model trains. From his first project with Overland when he was still in High School, until now, where he is widely considered one of the foremost experts in the industry.  

Learn what goes on from a projects inception to its culmination. What is being done to continue to improve upon models today?

There will be a special project announcement during this interview.


  •  1:30pm - SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Interview - 'Hollywood's Love Affair with Model Trains' - with Fred Hill (The Coach Yard)

Fred has not only imported brass model trains for many years, but has been at the epicenter of Hollywood's love affair with model trains. It's not 'TMZ' but you will hear some endearing stories of some of our most beloved entertainers and their passion for model trains.

Also, we will learn how brass model trains are part of the natural progression in wanting to recreate the most realistic portraits of yesteryear, and how we are all 'friends' as model railroaders, despite other differences.


  •  2:00pm - SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Interview - 'O' My, It's Perfect! - with George Kohs (Kohs & Company)

We will discuss with Mr. George Kohs of Kohs & Co. why he has chosen brass O Scale models as his specialty. And what are some of the challenges of having a reputation for delivering nearly perfect models? How does he continue to try to improve upon past projects?

We will discuss projects that are in current production as well as any special announcements for future projects.


  •  2:30pm - SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Interview - 'Around the World, In Search of Trains' - with Jack Vansworth (Division Point)

'Captain' Jack Vansworth of Division Point has flown commercial aircraft for many years. However, his true passion has always 'rode the rails'. We will discuss not only American prototype, but European prototype brass model trains. In all scales, in all countries, what drives a collector's thirst for perfection?

And how has love of model railroading always fueled his desire to build models that not only 'look great', but operate flawlessly?



Round Table Discussion (Part of "The Parlor Car Evening Event" - Saturday 5pm-8pm).

The Elusive History and Convoluted Future of Brass Model Trains' - Featuring Fred Hill, Jimmy Booth, SeHo Jang, Chan Hur, Dan Glasure, Jack Vansworth, Chuck Sted, Lee Marsh,& George Kohs.

We will take you through the very beginnings of the hobby with some of the few true experts in the world. We will carry that history right through to today, and discuss the future as well.

We are honored to have not only importers, but builders taking part in this discussion as well. This free flowing discussion promises to be 'the event' that folks will be talking about for years to come!

You simply cannot afford to miss this discussion as well as many of the other features of 'The Parlor Car' Evening Event. Be sure to purchase your tickets today for this very unique event. Click on 'The Parlor Car' Event tab at the bottom of this page for more details.


  •  10:00am - SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Interview - Lee Marsh Model Company - with Lee Marsh

Who is Mr. Lee Marsh of LMMC? We know you will enjoy getting to know one of our friends from 'across the pond'. We will look forward to hearing Lee's unique perspective on American prototype brass, and how it's viewed, adored and collected in Europe. What are some of the differences and similarities between American and European Importers?

We will also discuss how 3D modeling and design is affecting brass model train production, both now and in the future.


  •  11:00am - SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Keynote Speaker - Jimmy Booth - The Greatest 'brass model train' Story Ever Told!

The evolution of an industry. Every small business, large business, art, innovation, culture, investment and product. It all boils down to the people involved. From the humblest possible beginnings to some of the most affluent collectors, Jimmy Booth will take you on the journey of brass model trains. From some of his earliest travels to the Orient and the eye opening experience of seeing how these models were actually being produced, to delivering those very models to some of the wealthiest individuals in history, you will hear the captivating stories behind the various segments of the industry. And how, as collectors, you are an important 'cog in the wheel' in regards to the history and future of the production of these models. There is no doubt you will appreciate the value of brass model trains in ways you never before realized after this Keynote Address!

This event will be streamed LIVE on our BRASSTRAINSvideo YouTube Channel!


  •  1:00pm - SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Interview - Union Terminal Imports - with Chuck Sted

Come watch an interview with Mr. Chuck Sted of UTI . Get to know one of the 'newer importers' and see why we feel they are producing some of the best projects we have seen, while filling a gap by tackling projects that have not been produced before.

The 'UTI Guys' may be new to importing, but you'll see they have been passionate about the hobby for many, many, years. You'll be impressed at how they are pouring that passion into each and every one of their projects. We will also discuss their plans for the future.


  •  2:00pm - SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd (at the BROADCAST STUDIO)

Closing Ceremony - Dan Glasure

Weddings were rescheduled, plane tickets were purchased, and folks flew in from all over the world! This is the excitement of the 2016 Brass Expo! We will discuss a few of the highlights of the last two days and look forward to what you can expect from the 2017 Brass Expo.

We will discuss Current Market Trends and touch on Estate Planning, but also on ways to enjoy your collection while preserving (and increasing) the value of your models.  A few simple steps can save your loved ones much emotional and financial stress. Further, if you choose to divest of a particular scale, or from the hobby at some point, this will prove to be invaluable information!