Board Members



Dan continues to share his passion for brass model trains. Author of "The Brass Train Guide Book," two volumes of the "Brass Model Trains Price and Data Guide," and owner of BRASSTRAINS.COM, Dan is helping to orchestrate what he believes will be a critical event for the future of brass model trains.


With over 20 years professional experience in some of the largest Trade Show venues in France and the United States, Roland is an important asset in the creating and developing of the Brass Expo Show. Coupled with a strong Marketing, Sales and Technology background, and of course 10 years at BRASSTRAINS.COM, the Brass Expo is the perfect location to utilize these skills.


Since 1982, Ron has used his vast creativity and expertise in Architectural, Engineering, and Prototype Scale Models. As part of Disney and Landmark Entertainment in Orlando, Los Angeles and Tokyo, his experience in Feature Film and Theme Park Installation is sure to impress. We've seen his work... get ready to be amazed.


Fred is the owner of 'The Original Whistle Stop' and a partner of 'The Coach Yard' and 'Allied Trains' in the Los Angeles, CA area. Perhaps no one is deeper rooted in both the brass model train and train show culture than he is. Fred has an intimate knowledge of brass model trains from the very earliest beginnings of the hobby right through to some of the finest current brass models being produced today. He has also attended and participated in more train shows and other high end venues throughout the world than any other person we know. His knowledge is invaluable to the success of future Brass Expo Shows and we are thrilled to add him to our team as a Show Advisor.


The 2016 Brass Expo was built on the experience of previous shows which highlighted brass models as historically accurate, fine art collectibles produced by hand by very skilled artisans, and oftentimes excellent investments.

Howard is well known, not only for his expertise and promotion of brass model trains through the years, but for his fabulous 'Piermont Division' layout, published in countless magazines and DVD's. Therefore, we appreciate his knowledge and assisting us as one of our Show Advisors.

Howard will indeed be attending the 2017 Brass Expo to share his passion of brass models and bring some of his personal collection of brass models and amazing custom structures to offer for sale.


Jimmy is the owner of 'Glacier Park Models' in beautiful Ukiah, CA. From an early age, Jimmy has had a love of trains and of course, was extremely passionate about Brass Model Trains. As a CAD Designer and Engineer he is able to use his skills and craftsmanship in developing some of the most detailed models on the market today. Noted for his impeccable painting skills, he has also created some of the finest Foreground Models for P-B-L and Mr. Bill Peter. When it comes to train shows, Jimmy is always there. As an Importer of O Scale and HO Scale models, he has a vast knowledge of the industry, as well as many important contacts. It seems everyone knows Jimmy. So we are pleased to have him join us as a Show Advisor.